Incheon, Republic of Korea - 28 Nov 2013

On November 27-29, APCICT launched the third issue of its Knowledge Sharing Series, covering the topic of Government Chief Information Officer Programme Development in Developing Countries.


APCICT celebrated the launch of the Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS) on Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) Programme Development in Developing Countries during its Fifth Partners Meeting of the “Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders”  in Bali, Indonesia, on 27-29 November 2013. This third issue of the KSS is designed to offer practical guidelines on developing a competency-based GCIO programme.

The launch session started with a presentation on the importance and role of Government Chief Information Officers in providing leadership on ICTD matters within government. Following the presentation, representatives from the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Tonga, Indonesia, the United Nations University and the Republic of Korea shared country perspectives on GCIO programme development during a roundtable session. The roundtable session also provided an opportunity for partners to engage in a dialogue on how the GCIO programme can be promoted in the Asia-Pacific region.

APCICT’s Knowledge Sharing Series, a publication complementary to its flagship “Academy of ICT Essentials for Governments Leaders” programme, intends to provide government leaders with knowledge and best practices for the development and implementation of ICTD initiatives. Previous Series issues have been published on the topics of “ICTD Institution Building” and “Cybersecurity.”

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