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Academy Partners Posters

The poster introduces the Academy Partner organization’s main work and Academy-related activities. It also describes the organization’s expected impact of the activities, lessons learned, and the future plans. Each poster comprises of the following sections:

  • Section 1: Name of the Organization
  • Section 2: Organization’s Introduction
  • Section 3: “What We Do” 

      - Introduction to the organization’s main work and the Academy-related activities.

  • Section 4: Impact

      - Expected impact of the activities, including other outputs and deliverable.

  • Section 5: Partners 

      - Partners whom the organization is collaborating with.

  • Section 6: Lessons Learned 

      - Organization’s experience on the Academy programme, focusing on the lessons learned to date.

  • Section 7: Future plans 

      - Organization’s future Academy-related work plans.


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