Monitoring and Evaluation Case Studies of the Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders

1st Jul 2013

The rapid uptake of the Academy programme across Asia and the Pacific region called for a comprehensive and streamlined approach to monitoring and evaluating the progress and achievements of the Academy programme, so as to better manage outputs and outcomes and improve future programme implementation. In response to this need, APCICT developed a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework in 2010, and subsequently, the Academy M&E Toolkit in 2013. The Toolkit aims to provide national and sub-regional partners with practical, step-by-step guidelines for monitoring and evaluating the Academy programme by helping the partners map out, customize and strengthen M&E plans and systems in their organizations.

The ‘M&E Case Studies’, the latest addition to M&E resources for the Academy, represents continued efforts by APCICT to enhance monitoring and evaluation of the Academy programme and improve its delivery at the national level. It documents the field testing experience of the M&E Toolkit by partners implementing the Academy programme in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Tajikistan. The field tests were undertaken by select implementing partners to assess the practical application of the Toolkit at the national level. Each case study introduces the status of the Academy programme roll-out, key M&E activities undertaken, challenges, and suggested M&E strategies and recommendations in the respective countries. The case study exercise enabled the partners to fine-tune the M&E Toolkit by tailoring it to their own contexts, and to share lessons learned and insights from the field.

Rutth Rosario D
Gerochi, Maria Veronica P
Maria Cecilia Cuyugan Bulos
Maria Victoria R
Case Studies