01 January, 2017
01 January 2017

This publication aims to provide timely and relevant information on the major ICT trends and the implications of these trends. It serves as a knowledge resource for policymakers and government officials in Asia and the Pacific to increase their awareness and appreciation for the continuously evolving ICT landscape. It intends to present a broad understanding of how new and emerging ICT trends could be utilized to support sustainable and inclusive development.

This publication is a collection of brief write-ups on the following eight ICT trends:

1. Digital healthcare

2. Mobile payments

3. Assistive technologies

4. Internet of Things

5. 5th generation mobile networks

6. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

7. Blockchain and shared ledgers

8. 3D printing

This set of topics was selected based on their relevance to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The topics selected also aim to provide a broadly representative sample covering a wide range of technology areas spanning hardware, networking, software and data, as well as application domains (i.e., healthcare, finance and disability).

Each write-up introduces the topic by first describing the technology features and components,and then proceeds to highlight potential application areas and use cases, with examples from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. This is followed by a discussion on the policy implications involving regulatory aspects, standards and linkages to the SDGs.