Web 2.0

The Impact of ICT-Based Social Media on Collective Action – Difference in Degree or Difference in Kind?

The following paper will examine social media’s impact on collective action. It will begin with an outline of relevant models of the social movement theory. A description of the role that ICT play in collective action in accordance with these models follows and then continues with a close analysis of the impact social media has on collective action.

The Participatory Web - New Potentials of ICT in Rural Areas

This document provides a systematic overview of Web 2.0 experiences made to date in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and explores the potential of the participatory web to improve living conditions in developing countries and regions. The report specifically documents the social networking aspects of Web 2.0 solutions that offer people in rural areas a platform for networking and knowledge exchange, and notes the general challenges of low connectivity, low literacy rates, lack of media competence to use the web and well functioning models to provide and target information.