ICT Human Resource Development in Asia and the Pacific: Current Status, Emerging Trends, Policies and Strategies

ICT is a skill intensive industry. Human resources related to ICT need close monitoring and development if the region has to maintain and accelerate the current momentum of ICT led economic development and social transformation. The present paper is based on the research and analysis of the status of and trends in ICT sector in the region and in the region’s present and potential international markets; and to analyze the implications of these trends on the ICT human resource development.

Development of a Multi-Factor Set of Country-Level ICT Human Resource Capacity Indicators

In an effort to measure and bridge the digital divide, several different types of indicators have been developed to measure the readiness of a country to adopt information and communication technology (ICT). Many of these indicators measure the extent to which the technology has been adopted within the target population. While some indicators recognize the importance of computer skills and e-literacy, there has been minimal effort to develop a multi-factor set of indicators to measure ICT human resource capacity.

Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders: South Asia Sub-Regional Workshop - Training Materials

Over 20 participants from eight South Asian countries – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – representing national ICT ministries and ICT training institutions were trained on: Module 1 - The Linkage between ICT Applications and Development; Module 2 - ICT for Development Policy, Process and Governance; and Module 3 - e-Government Applications. Presentations, handouts and exercises from this workshop are available for download.

ICT World Today - Inaugural Issue: Socio-Economic Impact of ICTs, Digital Divide

ICT World Today is a journal on Information and Communication Technology for Development developed by the Korea Information Society Development Institute with support from APCICT. This first issue examines the socio-economic impacts of ICTs and the digital divide. The current state of ICT development, potential of telecommunications for poverty reduction, ICT policies issues in developing countries, links between digital divide and economic growth, patterns of the digital divide, and the role of ICTs on world summits and Millennium Development Goals are discussed.