social media for disaster relief

Best Practices: The Use of Social Media Throughout Emergency & Disaster Relief

This study sets out to understand how social media is being used in disaster and emergency situations. Research thus far has established the importance of social media in disaster and crisis communication but neglects to describe why social media are important. To establish best practices of social media use in a disaster and why they should be used, this study interviewed six communication or social media experts in the field of disaster relief.

UN-APCICT organizes Expert Group Meeting on Social Media and Disaster Risk Management

In an effort to foster multi-stakeholder dialogue and exchange of experiences on how to effectively utilize social media in the different phases of disaster risk management, APCICT organized the “Expert Group Meeting on Social Media for Disaster Risk Management” on 7-8 April 2015 in Incheon, Republic of Korea.

The workshop was attended 22 government officials, communication and media experts, ICTD and social media experts and DRR practitioners in Asia and the Pacific.