Freedom of connection, freedom of expression: The changing legal and regulatory ecology shaping the Internet

This report provides a new perspective on the social and political dynamics behind the threats to expression. It develops a conceptual framework on the ‘ecology of freedom of expression’ for discussing the broad context of policy and practice that should be taken into consideration in discussions of this issue.

This framework draws on an original synthesis of empirical research and case studies of selected technical, legal and regulatory trends.

Frequently asked questions about multi-stakeholder partnerships in ICTs for development: A guide for national ICT policy animators

This guide assists national ICT policy facilitators in coming to grips with the complexities of multi-stakeholder relationships and the attainment of common goals and objectives. It considers practical issues for the establishment of a multi-stakeholder process for ICT policy and looks at how multi-stakeholder partnerships work, what has been successful and what has not, and offers some practical suggestions on how to make them more effective.

Maldives Science and Technology Master Plan: Information Technology

This chapter of the Maldives Science and Technology Master Plan examines the state of information technology within Government and addresses the relationship between information technology and communications. It develops a number of recommendations to aid Government in taking best advantage of technological changes. It provides a high level view of the type of organization that will be needed to guide and administer technology deployment within Government, and outlines a standards framework through which this can be accomplished.