Philippines Training on Data-Driven Governance for Information and IT Officers

The data revolution brought by the widespread use of information and communication technologies provides governments with new opportunities that can facilitate efficiency, transparency, and improve delivery of public services. Indeed, the data revolution can help governments accelerate their digital transformation and implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Case Study on "e-Government and interoperability initiatives in the Philippines: New directions, challenges and opportunities"

This case study shows the various interoperability initiatives related to e-Government in the Philippines. It also discusses the concept of interoperability and the various views that shape it, as well as ways the current government intends to address the challenges and opportunities. 

Mapping Ict4d Projects In The Philippines

This paper provides an inventory of information and communication technology for development (ICT4D) projects in the Philippines. It serves as a contribution to the task expected of governments and stakeholders from the World Summit on the Information Society to promote ICT4D. This includes developing reliable information on successful experiences of mainstreaming ICTs in various development sectors.