Academy Module in Khmer on "Realizing Data-Driven Governance"

Governments continue to struggle with using data to improve governance. Even in the midst of a data revolution, some of them face the traditional challenges of lack of data, low quality data and outdated data. Others face the more contemporary challenge of making sense of mountains of data that are available to them. How can we enhance the use and analysis of data to support governance and government decision-making?

Academy Module 10 in Khmer on "ICT, Climate Change and Green Growth"

This module aims to provide an audience of decision makers with an understanding of the role that ICTs play in observing and monitoring the environment, sharing information about the environment, mobilizing action, facilitating and enhancing environmental decision making, promoting environmental sustainability and abating climate change. The module also explores the potential of ICT to transform the economy into an engine for sustainable “green” growth, and considers how to integrate ICT into such an economy.

Academy Module 9 in Khmer on "ICT for Disaster Risk Management"

This module provides government officials and policymaker with an overview of disaster risk management (DRM), presents an approach for identifying information needs in DRM, and then matching the needs with ICT. The module also describes and provides examples of existing ICT applications for DRM and discusses benefits and barriers for utilizing ICT in DRM.

Academy Module 7 in Khmer on " ICT Project Management in Theory and Practice"

This module provides an introduction to basic project management concepts that are relevant in ICTD projects. It introduces methods, processes and project management disciplines commonly used by development and ICT service management practitioners. Some case studies, practice tools and templates are provided, and the unique challenges of planning and managing ICT projects are highlighted. 

Academy Module 6 in Khmer on "Information Security and Privacy"

In the Information Age, information is an asset to be protected and policymakers need to know what information security is and how to take action against information leakage and infringement. This module provides an overview of the need for information security, information security issues and trends, and the process of formulating an information security strategy.

Academy Module 5 in Khmer on "Internet Governance"

The Internet raises significant challenges for public policy and sustainable human development, both internationally and for individual nations. Hence, the ongoing development of international policies and procedures to govern the use and operation of the Internet. However, although the Asia-Pacific region has the biggest share of global Internet users, it is under-represented in fora that develop Internet-related policies. There are a number of issues and specific challenges related to Internet Governance in the regional context.

Academy Module 2 in Khmer on " ICT for Development Policy, Process and Governance"

Module 2 - ICT for Development Policy, Process and Governance

This module focuses on ICTD policy-making and governance, providing critical information about aspects of national policies, strategies and frameworks that promote ICTD. It discusses key ICTD policy and governance issues, and shows how governments can measure their progress and benchmark that progress against those of other countries.