green initiatives

APT Report on Introduction to Green ICT Activities

This White Paper aims at providing information on: - Impacts of ICT in mitigation of the Climate Change problems; - National policies to deploy and promote Green ICT activities; - Green ICT activities of various SDOs, consortia and fora; - Performance indicators to facilitate Green ICT; and - Green ICT use cases to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. This document also intends to help Green ICT stakeholders such as government, SDOs, companies, and R/D engineers understand current status on Green ICT deployment and standardization activities.

A Practical Guide to Sustainable IT

In developed nations, information systems are now an indispensable part of most people’s lives. In developing nations, information systems are a means of enabling communication and exchange where no such infrastructure existed before, and that in turn creates many new opportunities from education to economic development. But the development of the global communications network, and the equipment attached to it, has come at a cost.