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The Contribution of ICT to Health Care System Productivity and Efficiency: What Do We Know?

This briefing paper outlines the methodological approaches taken to measure the impact of ICT on productivity in the health sector, summarizes the available evidence, and makes recommendations as to where future research effort might be best directed.

Global Law and Global Challenges - Cyber Warfare: Law and Policy Proposals for U.S. and Global Governance

Cybersecurity is the newest and most unique national security issue of the twenty-first century. Cyber warfare uses computer technologies as defensive and offensive weapons in international relations. Until now, there has been no national debate within the United States over the concept of cyber warfare; neither its meaning nor the international laws that govern this concept have been discussed at any length, and nor have the domestic rules regarding it.

The Board's Responsibility for Information Technology Governance

Few operational areas of every corporation present as much inherent risk or prove as difficult to govern as Information Technology ("IT"). One of the reasons for lack of governance has been the claim of not having sufficient knowledge to do so. However, recent years have brought a growing realization that not knowing is not an excuse.

Gender and ICT

This e-Primer looks at information and communications technology (ICT) for development through a gender lens. It provides a gender perspectives to issues of ICT policies; access and control; education, training and skill development; and content development, and introduces a framework to integrate gender in ICT for development and empower women.

Cybersecurity Management in the States: The Emerging Role of Chief Information Security Officers

This report is a significant contribution to the discussion of the roles and responsibilities of chief information security officers (CISOs) in state governments across the United States. It identifies both strategies and activities used by successful state CISOs, and thereby provides a good roadmap to success for all state CISOs. The report cites the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), which has been championed since its inception by the New York state chief cybersecurity officer as one key cybersecurity collaboration success.

Up-to-2010 Program on Development of Vietnam's Software Industry

This official gazette covers the objectives, development policies and key projects for development of Viet Nam's software industry towards 2010.

Decision No. 51/QD-TTg

The Dangers of Surveillance

This article seeks to explain the harms of government surveillance. Drawing on law, history, literature, and the work of scholars in the emerging interdisciplinary field of “surveillance studies,” the article offers an account of what those harms are and why they matter. The article moves beyond the vagueness of current theories of surveillance to articulate a more coherent understanding and a more workable approach. At the level of theory, the paper explains why and when surveillance is particularly dangerous and when it is not.

Review of Research on Rural PC Kiosks

This paper presents the synthesis of a comprehensive research study conducted by Microsoft Research India, University of California, Berkeley, and London School of Economics, on why it is difficult to sustain development-oriented kiosks, and what are the factors for success.

Caught in the cloud Privacy, encryption, and government back doors in the web 2.0 era

Over the last few years, consumers, corporations and governments have rushed to move their data to “the cloud,” adopting web-based applications and storage solutions provided by companies that include Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Cloud computing services provide consumers with vast amounts of cheap, redundant storage and allow them to instantly access their data from a web-connected computer anywhere in the world. Unfortunately the shift to cloud computing needlessly exposes users to privacy invasion and fraud by hackers.

Program on Development of Vietnam's Digital Content Industry to 2010

This official gazette covers the objectives, development policies and key projects for development of Viet Nam's digital content industry towards 2010.

Decision No. 56/2007/QD-TTg