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The Linkage between ICT Applications and Meaningful Development

The application of ICT for social and economic progress and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

General ICT4D     e-Health     e-Learning     Gender    Millennium Development Goals

Natural Resources Management    Poverty Reduction     Disaster Risk Reduction     Community e-Centres


ICT for Development Policy, Process and Governance

While ICT holds promise for impacting socio-economic development, implementation of ICT applications does not guarantee sustainable development. Resources are focused on different aspects of national policies and strategies that promote ICT4D.

Capacity Building     ICT4D Policies and Strategies     Legal and Regulatory Issues


e-Government Applications

Current ICT applications that are important for policy makers and other government officials.

e-Governance and e-Government     Interoperability


ICT Trends for Government Leaders

Resources include key components of ICT infrastructure, and policy and technical considerations associated with it, as well as current and emerging technologies and their application for development.

Access and Infrastructure     Open Source and Standards


Network and Information Security and Privacy

Current threats to ICT security and ways of ensuring secure ICT systems.

Network and Information Security and Privacy


Internet Governance

The ongoing development of international policies and procedures that govern the use and operation of the Internet.

Internet Governance

ICT Project Management in Theory and Practice

ICT Project Management concept, tools and practices in the context of national development needs and priorities.

ICT4D Monitoring and Evaluation Tools and Reports     Management of ICT4D Projects


Options for Funding ICT for Development Projects

While ICT projects can often be expensive, there are several sources of funding that governments can tap into as they seek to develop the Information Society.

Public-Private Partnerships in ICT4D


ICT for Disaster Risk Management

Framework for matching available technology with disaster risk management processes, and examples of a range of ICT applications implemented in different places in Asia.

Disaster Risk Reduction


ICT, Climate Change and Green Growth

Role the ICTs play in observing and monitoring environment, facilitating and enhancing environmental decision making, promoting environmental sustainability and abating climate change. As well as, the potential of ICT to transform the economy into an engine for sustainable "Green" growth.

Public-Private Partnerships in ICT4D


Other Issues