World e-Parliament Report 2012

The World e-Parliament Report 2012 documents the efforts of legislatures to use information and communication technologies (ICT) to support their constitutional functions. The Report is based on the Global Survey of ICT in Parliaments 2012 conducted by the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament between February and May 2012, which is the third in a series of surveys that began in 2007. The number of parliaments responding to the surveys has increased over time, from 105 in 2007 to 134 in 2009 and 156 in 2012. These 156 parliaments represent a membership of 28,613 legislators. The goals of these surveys and their accompanying World e-Parliament Reports are to present the latest data on the worldwide use of systems, applications, hardware and tools in various parliamentary services, to provide readers with concrete examples of the adoption of ICT in the most significant areas of parliamentary business, and to promote the sharing of knowledge and experiences in technology among legislative bodies.

Global Centre for ICT in Parliament
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