Voices of Change: Strategic Radio Support for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

This paper provides a summary of the scope of radio's involvement in underpinning sustainable livelihoods, realizing rights, human development and the broader goals and targets of the United Nations Millennium Declaration. It challenges donors to increase support to the radio sector, which for many poor men, women and children in the developing world continues to provide the essential information lifeline. The paper highlights the relevance of radio in poor communities, its broad applicability to a range of sectoral activities such as health, rights, education, livelihoods and conflict prevention, and identifies the need to strengthen the capacity of radio broadcasters at all levels to conduct effective monitoring and evaluation, so as to begin the process of developing a rigorous information and communication for development evidence base which highlights radio's - and other communications mediums - strategic contribution to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals.

Andrew Skuse
© DFID, 2006, 32 pages