Understanding ICT4D Thematics in Malaysia

A Sourcebook by Anis Yusal Yusoff and Sharon Lim. This sourcebook is a first attempt to meet the increasing need for materials and projects relating to information and communications technology for development (ICT4D) that are of particular concern to those who are working in this area in Malaysia.

The themes of inclusion and access are embodied in this sourcebook through an overview of key ICT4D discourse in areas such as rural development, gender empowerment and governance. These writings illustrate the necessity to focus on people by reinforcing the need to adopt participatory approaches to achieve consensus, ownership and relevance among beneficiaries of ICT-enabled projects. This is complemented by an annotated bibliography of resources in which captures a range of theoretical frameworks and case studies in the area of ICT4D. To provide a specific frame of reference, the Malaysian context is presented in Part Three and Part Four through a compilation of ICT4D programmes and initiatives currently pursued under the Eighth Malaysia Plan. The juxtaposition of theoretical and country-specific perspectives throughout this sourcebook provides a complementary approach to understanding some of the fundamental concepts in the area of ICT-enabled development. It is hoped this sourcebook will provide a useful starting point for understanding the rationale behind ICT4D and the sets of challenges and opportunities that ICT-enabled development presents.

Anis Yusal Yusoff
Sharon Y.P. Lim
© United Nations Development Programme, 2003, 128 pages