UK Smart Grid Cyber Security

This report provides an approach and management framework to address the cyber security challenges faced nationally and by the Distribution Network Organisations as the current network infrastructure is developed with new Smart Grid systems and technologies. It is intended to provide a sound basis upon which detailed and enduring smart grid cyber security efforts can be built through the „low carbon transition‟. Two levels are considered: firstly at national level to provide an overarching approach to smart grid cyber security, and secondly at DNO level to support the development of management systems for smart grid cyber security. This approach reviews current UK activities, European activities, several international standards and current guidelines for smart grid cyber security essentially to gain an understanding of the current cyber security initiatives worldwide, and to understand the applicability of these initiatives in the UK. Key stakeholders were engaged to understand how cyber security is currently being addressed by the electricity network companies in the UK, and how this can be best addressed using the findings of this report.

Marc Tritschler
William Mackay
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