Telecenter Operator Toolkit

The toolkit available in a disc includes resources for telecentre owners and operators. It offers business tools, training resources, marketing materials and a step-by-step guide to using the toolkit materials.

Business tools include solutions such as, Computer Usage Tracking sheet, Inventory Spreadsheet, Windows SteadyState (that let you clean the system with every re-start) and a video on scaling the telecentres for development.

Training resources include information on: 'Microsoft Digital Literacy' course materials, Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate of Completion and Microsoft Office and Windows Basic Training Information. Some additional resources that the operators may find useful are: online computer courses, learn computer skills, contact family and friends, search for helpful information, government services, search the Internet.

Marketing materials help to promote your computer services by preparing flyers, monitor signs and quick reference cards. All these come along with telecentre owner material customization guide, which the owners can use to customize different resources.

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