Lanka Interoperability Framework - Version 0.9.2

Lanka Interoperability Framework (LIFe) is an initiative undertaken by Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs in collaboration with Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) to establish recommendations for common data architecture and standards for data exchange for the Government of Sri Lanka.

ICTA as part of the Technical Architecture, Security and Standards (TASS) program has published documents on Government ICT Policies, National Enterprise Architecture Standards Guidelines and Information Security Guidelines.

These documents establish policies and recommendations for use of standards in government organizations. These policies and recommendations are intended to promote interoperability of government information systems.

Further to this effort, Lanka Interoperability Framework is formulated to provide guidelines for different government information systems to standardize data architecture and data exchange.

This will enable the whole of government to operate as a single seamlessly integrated collaborated service, providing efficient and effective service through different service delivery channels – like face-to-face, phone, internet, mail, etc.

The scope of the first version of Lanka Interoperability Framework (LIFe) is limited to “Personal Data”. This means, only data element types required to store personal details of a person is identified and standardized. The associated XML schema attempts to standardize the data exchange of Personal Data.

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