Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme

The Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme is based on a collaborative approach to online learning: intensive discussion and interaction among participants and tutors enhances the individual learning experience. The discussion is organised around five conceptual baskets: Infrastructure and Standardisation, Legal, Development, Economic and Socio-Cultural. The training programme consists of learning and research phases, each lasting for three months. An important component of the programme is a series of fellowships and capacity building packages aimed at providing participants with practical experience in dealing with Internet Governance issues.

See also the publication: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World: Stories from Diplo's Internet Governance Programmes. The publication contains the stories of former participants in Diplo’s Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme held between 2005 and 2007. It showcases 19 emerging leaders for the digital world, bringing their backgrounds, interests and visions related to Internet Governance, and presents their local achievements worldwide

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In March 2008, DiploFoundation opened a channel at YouTube, intended for making our Internet governance-related video material easily accessible online. See

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