Digital Security & Privacy for Human Rights Defenders

Digital Security & Privacy for Human Rights Defenders

This document addresses the different risks faced in digital security. In particular, it focuses on the privacy and security issues faced by human rights defenders and how they can deal with them. It also discusses ways of preventing the erosion of universally guaranteed freedoms.

The authors argue that human rights defenders' work have become increasingly intertwined with technology. There is no such thing as a one and only right answer, but this paper does provide an introduction to the many different components of computer and internet operations. Some of the issues brought to light include:

  • Security needs and vulnerabilities:strategies for implementing privacy involving asking questions such as where is your data and who can access your password
  • Computer operations and internet infrastructure:methods of securing data, bypassing internet censorship and protecting yourself such as via password protection and information backup
  • Case studies:possible scenarios for human rights defenders and their organisations of dealing with problems of electronic insecurity and ensuring continuation of their work.

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Dmitri Vitaliev
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