Considering emergency and disaster management systems from a software architecture perspective

The use of ICTs has been highly advocated for addressing the obstacles and improving decision-making in the event of a disaster. A number of ICT support systems and frameworks have evolved over time to support the highly time and collaboration intensive task of emergency and disaster management. This paper is based on a survey of the existing systems, ongoing research projects, supporting systems and concepts. These systems have been classified based on their use in the four stages of Comprehensive Emergency Management (CEM). Further, the systems are broadly divided into monitoring, live and simulation systems. Based on the study of these diverse systems and concepts, the paper highlights certain vital qualitative concerns for emergency and disaster management software systems. The paper looks at these concerns from a software architectural perspective and suggest some ways to address and incorporate them into future endeavors of research and deployment in this area.

Moumita Mukherjee
Jai Asundi
© The 4th Annual International Conference on Next Generation Infrastructures, 2011