Building Broadband: Strategies and policies for the developing world

This report offers policymakers and regulators an analysis of approaches that developed countries have taken in expanding their broadband markets, with a focus on the Republic of Korea, one of the most successful broadband markets. Surveys of six other countries that are leading in broadband market development, highlight policymaking and governance strategies, and provide critical information about the aspects of national policies, plans and frameworks that have successfully promoted broadband technology. The analysis concludes with a presentation of policies and regulations that developing countries could consider to support the growth of broadband.

This report and its recommendations are aimed at helping developing countries find ways to leverage even limited resources in a lead-in to an upcoming broadband strategies toolkit being developed by the Global Information and Communications Technologies Department of the World Bank.  The toolkit will provide more detail, and a wider range of case studies, on how to convert the broad strategic and policy ideas in this report to practical instruments used in policymaking, regulation, and implementation of broadband network development.

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