Bangladesh National ICT Policy - 2008 (proposed)

The proposed National ICT Policy 2008 has incorporated all the ingredients of the National ICT Policy 2002 in a structured manner with requisite updates necessitated by developments since 2002. The revised policy has also incorporated new policy directions in line with the ever changing technological advancements in this area. The most remarkable changes that have been made in the revised National ICT Policy are: 1) a methodical framework of the policy document; and 2) inclusion of planned action items in conformity with policies and strategies.

The Government took an initiative in May 2008 to review the National ICT Policy 2002 and formed a 17-member Review Committee. The committee and its working group met all together 15 times over a period of four months to complete the task. During this period, about 70 representatives from different sectors representing academia and public and private sectors invested over 1,000 man-hours to review the existing National ICT Policy and related documents to prepare recommendations befitting the current and foreseeable future needs of the nation.

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