Assessing innovative ICT for health information system in African rural communities

This paper is a positional paper that is set to take inventory of existing innovative ICT solutions in health service delivery (e-health) in rural community of developing countries and to open up researches into the acceptability and utilization of various ICT solutions in health services in developing countries. The assessment is based on the existing e-health model of Peter Dury and other subsequent works of other Authors who have researched into electronic health solutions in developing countries. The 5Cs model as refered to by Dury was used as a framework for assessment, from this model; checklist was developed for assessing the eHealth solutions in rural communities in developing countries of Sub-saharan Africa to measure innovation, accessibility and sustainability. Further research is set to examine the role of an innovative information system and also factors within the five components that are needed to be considered to have a successful implementation of eHealth.

Ogundele Olukunle
© Family Health International, Global HIV/AIDS Initiative, Nigeria (GHAIN), 2012