2011 World Bank Strategy Sector Information & Communication Technologies Approach Paper

As a major development partner in the field of ICT for development, the WBG has long recognized the critical role of ICT in catalyzing inclusive economic growth as well as in promoting human and social development. The WBG approaches ICT both as a sector in itself (ICT connectivity, infrastructure, and ICT industries) and as an enabler of transformation across sectors. The World Bank’s ICT Sector Unit is anchored in the Sustainable Development Network (SDN) and leads work related to ICT as a sector, at the operational (policy support and lending), analytical, capacity building, and knowledge-sharing levels. The World Bank also hosts infoDev, a multi-donor partnership program under the Finance and Private Sector Development Network (FPD) which mainly focuses on promoting technology innovation (including “clean technology”) at the small and medium enterprise level. Support to ICT as an enabler of transformation across sectors is mainly carried out through ICT components in projects of different sectors.

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