Sixth Session of the Governing Council

Oct 29th 2011
Cheonan, Republic of Korea

On 29 October, APCICT organized the Sixth Session of the Governing Council of APCICT-ESCAP in Cheonan, Republic of Korea. The meeting welcomed the Governing Council’s elected representatives from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, the Republic of Korea and Thailand as well as partners from APCICT’s “Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders Programme”.

Participants of the meeting reviewed APCICT’s work programme and achievements since the Fifth Governing Council in 2010, and discussed the Centre’s plans and ICT capacity development initiatives for 2012. In addition to reviewing APCICT’s previous and upcoming activities, Governing Council members also participated in the Second Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on ICT Human Capacity Development organized by APCICT on 24-28 October, in Incheon and Cheonan, Republic of Korea.