Indonesia Webinar on Data Protection and Privacy

Aug 24th 2021 - Aug 27th 2021
APCICT/ESCAP, Ministry of Communications and Informatics (KOMINFO)

The Asian and Pacific Training Centre for ICT for Development (APCICT/ESCAP) conducted a virtual seminar on Data Protection and Privacy for Indonesia. The event was co-organized with the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (KOMINFO) of the Republic of Indonesia and will be held from 24 to 27 August 2021. 

The webinar aimed to deepen understanding among policymakers, regulators, and civil servants on the importance of data privacy and protection in a data-driven world. It highlighted the role of data privacy legislation and shared information on international frameworks that are influencing national legislations. Data privacy laws and practices of the Republic of Korea, Philippines and Singapore were also featured. The webinar brought together 70 government officials and was organized in support of Indonesia’s current efforts to strengthen data protection and privacy in the country. 


Indonesia Data Privacy