APCICT supports ICT and Climate Change Abatement training workshop in Bangladesh

May 28th 2011

Upcoming Academy Module 10 - ICT and Climate Change, Green Growth and Sustainable Development utilized to train over 70 government officials


On 28 May, APCICT's Academy partner in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Computer council (BCC) organized a workshop on “Climate Change, Carbon Trading and Information-Communication Technology” in partnership with the Department of Environment and Climate Change Cell of Bangladesh. 

The workshop welcomed 78 government officials from the Ministry of Science and ICT and Ministry of Environment and Forest, the Department of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries and Department of Women Affairs, as well as organizations such as the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, and Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute.

In support of this workshop, APCICT provided copies of its Briefing Note Series and other APCICT knowledge products to be distributed among workshop participants.

Workshop participants were trained with content from APCICT's upcoming Module 10 – ICT and Climate Change, Green Growth and Sustainable Development, which will be officially launched in later this year.  Module 10 provides training on the use of ICTs in monitoring of the environment, mitigating climate change and adapting to its impacts. The module also identifies new “green” and “smart” technologies being developed to check greenhouse gas emissions, and Note presents policy recommendations to effectively incorporate ICT-usage in national climate change policy frameworks.

Module 10 content will also be utilized in another ICT and Climate Change workshop BCC is planning to organize in the coming weeks. BCC has used Academy Module 4 and 6 in other ICT capacity building workshops it has organized over the past year from some 140 government officials.