Academy Module on "An Overview of ICTs and Sustainable Development"

This module provides an overview of the intersections between Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), drawing attention to the various dimensions and sectors in which ICTs can provide valuable support through national governments’ policies, plans and programmes. By exploring case studies of ICT applications in key sectors of development from Asia-Pacific countries, the module highlights key issues and decision points, from policy to implementation, in the use of ICTs to meet development needs. It aims to fost

Academy Module in Indonesian on "Mewujudkan Tata Kelola Berbasis Data (Data-Driven)"

Di era informasi dewasa ini, kemudahan akses informasi telah mengubah cara kita hidup, bekerja, dan bermain. Pergeseran tersebut menunjukkan semakin pentingnya peran Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi (TIK), terutama bagi ekonomi dan masyarakat secara keseluruhan. Akibatnya, pemerintah di seluruh dunia semakin fokus pada penggunaan TIK untuk Pembangunan yang dikenal dengan istilah ICT for Development (ICTD).

Academy Module on "ICT for Disaster Risk Management"

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have tremendous potential in disaster risk reduction due to their ability to facilitate the rapid flow of information instantly and continuously, in real-time. The use of ICTs in all phases of the disaster risk management cycle presents substantial opportunities to reduce disaster risks, enhance resilience, and facilitate inclusive preparedness and response.

Case Study on "Open Government Data Policies and Practices in the Republic of Korea"

People have become more reliant on the availability of open government data (OGD) for their everyday lives. More countries have recognized that the OGD is of the essence not only in enhancing public service and living standard, but also in spurring national growth and development. To make the most of the opportunities and benefits derived from OGD, how can governments secure their long-term soundness with their open data policies and governance infrastructure?

Case Study on "ICT Good practices of a Smart City: Incheon Metropolitan City"

Recognizing Incheon Metropolitan City as one of the world’s leading smart cities, this Case Study delves into its Smart City Integrated Platform and illustrates the good practices of its Smart City infrastructure and services, followed by a review of its performance and challenges. On the whole, it provides perceptive insights into the development and utilization of a smart city as the solution to the challenges facing urbanization.