APCICT Publications

Knowledge Sharing Series "GCIO Development in Developing Countries"

1st Oct 2013

This third issue of the Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS) focuses on the topic of Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) development in developing countries. It examines the crucial role of a GCIO in providing leadership on ICT matters within government and promoting ICT-enabled socio-economic development. It also discusses the main issues related to skill development and training of GCIOs and describes some good practices on GCIO programmes, which may be replicated in a developing country setting.

Monitoring and Evaluation Case Studies of the Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders

1st Jul 2013

The rapid uptake of the Academy programme across Asia and the Pacific region called for a comprehensive and streamlined approach to monitoring and evaluating the progress and achievements of the Academy programme, so as to better manage outputs and outcomes and improve future programme implementation. In response to this need, APCICT developed a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework in 2010, and subsequently, the Academy M&E Toolkit in 2013.

Primer Series 2 "Project Management and ICTD"

1st Feb 2013

This Primer on Project Management and ICTD provides fundamental concepts and tools utilized in project planning and management. There are two parts to this Primer. Part 1 discusses general concepts and tools in project management for development, as well as the use of general computer applications. This part is intended for students without any or limited technical background on ICT. Part 2 looks into the use of ICTs in managing projects, and delves into tools and techniques for managing ICTD projects.

Primer Series 4 "ICT, Climate Change, and Green Growth"

1st Feb 2013

This Primer addresses the role that information and communication technology (ICT) can play in enhancing the ability and capacity of humans to deal with the impact of climate change and contribute to sustainable development. The principle of sustainable development is an important guide to ensure that the use of ICT to tackle climate change effects is done in a way that does not impact on the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Academy Toolkit on "Monitoring and Evaluation"

1st Feb 2013

The Academy Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Toolkit will help the partners develop, customize and strengthen the M&E plan and the M&E system in their organizations. It will assist the partners in determining very important inputs, activities, tools and resources needed to design, build or improve, and implement an appropriate M&E system.

Primer Series 1 in Mongolian "An Introduction to ICT for Development"

31st Jan 2013

Primer 1: An Introduction to ICT for Development seeks to provide an introduction to and preliminary understanding of the linkages between ICTs and the achievement of the human development goals in society. Today, this newly emerging academic discipline is called ICT for Development (ICTD or ICT4D).

Knowledge Sharing Series "ICT for Development Institution Building"

19th Mar 2012

This APCICT knowledge resource is the inaugural issue of the Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS). The resource explores the importance of institution building to effectively develop ICT capacity for national socio-economic development. It outlines the necessity of developing a common vision and strategies, directing and securing resources, defining roles and responsibilities, and promoting coordinated efforts and partnerships that makes ICTD possible and effective.


Knowledge Sharing Series "Cybersecurity"

19th Mar 2012

This APCICT knowledge resource on Cybersecurity is the second issue in the APCICT Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS). This issue explores the steps needed to develop cybersecurity policies and strategies, and in setting up and enforcing effective national cybersecurity initiatives to detect, prevent and mitigate cyberthreats.


Briefing Note 9 "ICT for Disaster Risk Management"

1st Oct 2011

This briefing note focuses on disaster risk management as an information-hungry set of activities for protecting the public’s welfare and promoting sustainable development. Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), particularly computer and Web-based digital technologies, are used to connect the decision maker or actor to the sources of information, and to analyze these in order to know what to do or what to avoid.

ICTD Briefing Note Series 1~8

30th Sep 2011

Updated first eight editions of APCICT’s ICTD Briefing Note Series. The publications, based on the curriculum of APCICT’s “Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders Programme” (Academy), are designed to provide senior government officials with concise yet detailed analysis of ICT for development related issues and topics.

The Briefing Note Series was first published online in July 2010.