APCICT Publications

Knowledge Sharing Series "Enterprise Architecture"

1st Jun 2015

The Knowledge Sharing Series intends to help bridge the knowledge divide on how ICTs can be used for social and economic development, and ultimately help bridge the digital and development divide. Each issue in the series focuses on a specific ICTD theme, programme or project, and offers an end-to-end road map that can help policymakers in their planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes.

Primer Series "Monitoring & Evaluation Guidebook"

10th Mar 2015

This Monitoring & Evaluation Guidebook is a companion for the Primer Series on ICTD for Youth. The Guidebook’s ultimate goal is to ensure that the target youth participants acquire the competencies to use information and communication technology (ICT) for achieving sustainable development goals.

Primer Series 1 in Azeri "İnkişaf Üçün İKT-nin Tətbiqi"

1st Feb 2015

Primer 1: An Introduction to ICT for Development seeks to provide an introduction to and preliminary understanding of the linkages between ICTs and the achievement of the human development goals in society. Today, this newly emerging academic discipline is called ICT for Development (ICTD or ICT4D).

Primer Series 5 "Exploring Social Media's Role in Development"

10th Jan 2015

The fifth issue of the Primer Series, “Exploring Social Media’s Role in Development”, provides fundamental concepts and characteristics of existing social media tools and highlights how social media contributes to socioeconomic development. This issue will also guide students to use social media in a safe and productive manner.

Academy Module 11 in Vietnamese on "TRUYỀN THÔNG XÃ HỘI PHỤC VỤ PHÁT TRIỂN"

6th Jun 2014

Học phần này giới thiệu các khái niệm về truyền thông xã hội và các ứng dụng khác nhau phục vụ sự phát triển kinh tế - xã hội, đồng thời hướng dẫn việc xây dựng các chính sách phát triển truyền thông xã hội. Ngoài ra, trong học phần còn có các nội dung hướng dẫn về “Truyền thông xã hội cho Chính phủ” nhằm cung cấp kinh nghiệm thực tiễn “các bước” để triển khai và quản lý các công cụ và công nghệ truyền thông xã hội.

Case Study Series "Open and Distance Learning (ODL)"

16th May 2014

Open and distance learning (ODL) is one of the most rapidly growing fields of higher education and training globally, thanks for advances in information and communication technologies (ICTs) that contribute to the expansion of online and open delivery in education.

Getting Started with Social Media Tools in Government

15th Mar 2014

'Getting Started with Social Media Tools in Government' is a supplement to UN-APCICT’s Module 11 of the Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders on 'Social Media for Development.' This publication is a practical guide that presents “how-to” steps for setting and managing social media tools and technologies in government. It aims to provide government officials with a basic understanding of the functions of common social media to enable them to utilize social media for the improvement of the delivery of public services and governance processes.

Academy Module on "Social Media for Development"

1st Feb 2014

This module introduces the concept of social media and the various applications for social and economic progress. It also guides the development of a social media policy. A supplementary set of guidelines on “Social Media for Government” provides practical “how-to” steps for starting up and managing social media tools and technologies.

Academy Module on "ICT for Disaster Risk Management" in Chinese

3rd Jan 2014

This module provides government officials and policymakers with an overview of disaster risk management (DRM) and presents an approach for identifying information needs in DRM. It then matches the needs with ICT. The module also describes and provides examples of existing ICT applications for DRM and discusses benefits and barriers for utilizing ICT in DRM.

Briefing Note 10 "ICT, Climate Change and Green Growth"

1st Jan 2014

The APCICT Briefing Note Series aims to provide at-a-glance information on key information and communication technology for development (ICTD) agendas for high-level policymakers and stakeholders.