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ICT World Today - Spring 2009: ICTs and Environment



This second issue of ICT World Today examines the role ICTs play in promoting environmental sustainability, including ways in which ICTs are being used to address climate change mitigation and adaptation.

ICT World Today is supported by APCICT.

ICT for Disaster Management

This e-primer introduces policy makers and development practitioners to the application of different information and communication technologies (ICTs) in disaster management, with case studies from the Asia-Pacific region.


APCICT Knowledge Sharing Series: GCIO Development in Developing Countries

This third issue of the Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS) focuses on the topic of Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) development in developing countries. It examines the crucial role of a GCIO in providing leadership on ICT matters within government and promoting ICT-enabled socio-economic development. It also discusses the main issues related to skill development and training of GCIOs and describes some good practices on GCIO programmes, which may be replicated in a developing country setting.

APCICT Knowledge Sharing Series: Cybersecurity

This APCICT knowledge resource on Cybersecurity is the second issue in the APCICT Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS). This issue explores the steps needed to develop cybersecurity policies and strategies, and in setting up and enforcing effective national cybersecurity initiatives to detect, prevent and mitigate cyberthreats.


Primer 1: An Introduction to ICT for Development

Primer 1 is designed to provide background information that students in undergraduate and graduate programmes can use as a starting point in the exploration of the various dimensions of the linkages through case studies of ICT applications in key sectors of development in Asia-Pacific countries.

ICTD Case Study 2: ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction

The second issue of the Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development’s (APCICT) ICTD Case Study Series, ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction, discusses the ways in which ICT has positively impacted the various phases of disaster management. Noting the use of ICT during and in the immediate aftermath of disasters like the Indian Ocean Tsunami, and most recently the Haiti Earthquake, the case studies examine the important role ICTs play in disaster preparedness, response and mitigation.

ICT World Today - Summer 2009: Broadband and Mobile Communications for Development




This third issue of ICT World Today examines broadband and mobile communications for development.

ICT World Today is supported by APCICT.


Academy Module on "An Overview of ICTs and Sustainable Development"

Today, few will question the capacity of ICTs to serve as enablers of sustainable development that the world community has agreed to work towards by the target year 2030. However, although this capacity of ICTs as enablers has been recognized, there remains fuzziness about the linkage between ICTs and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This module addresses the SDGs through the prism of ICTs.

Case Study Series 4 ICT Competency Standards

The Case Study Series 4 on ICT Competency Standards provides a stocktaking of globally available ICT competency standards and practices from selected countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Republic of Korea.