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Monitoring and Evaluation Case Studies of the Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders

The rapid uptake of the Academy programme across Asia and the Pacific region called for a comprehensive and streamlined approach to monitoring and evaluating the progress and achievements of the Academy programme, so as to better manage outputs and outcomes and improve future programme implementation. In response to this need, APCICT developed a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework in 2010, and subsequently, the Academy M&E Toolkit in 2013.

APCICT Case Study Series: Open and Distance Learning (ODL)

Open and distance learning (ODL) is one of the most rapidly growing fields of higher education and training globally, thanks for advances in information and communication technologies (ICTs) that contribute to the expansion of online and open delivery in education.

APCICT Knowledge Sharing Series: Cybersecurity

This APCICT knowledge resource on Cybersecurity is the second issue in the APCICT Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS). This issue explores the steps needed to develop cybersecurity policies and strategies, and in setting up and enforcing effective national cybersecurity initiatives to detect, prevent and mitigate cyberthreats.


Primer 1: An Introduction to ICT for Development

Primer 1 is designed to provide background information that students in undergraduate and graduate programmes can use as a starting point in the exploration of the various dimensions of the linkages through case studies of ICT applications in key sectors of development in Asia-Pacific countries.

ICTD Case Study 2: ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction

The second issue of the Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development’s (APCICT) ICTD Case Study Series, ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction, discusses the ways in which ICT has positively impacted the various phases of disaster management. Noting the use of ICT during and in the immediate aftermath of disasters like the Indian Ocean Tsunami, and most recently the Haiti Earthquake, the case studies examine the important role ICTs play in disaster preparedness, response and mitigation.

ICT World Today - Summer 2009: Broadband and Mobile Communications for Development




This third issue of ICT World Today examines broadband and mobile communications for development.

ICT World Today is supported by APCICT.


Reference document on social media for disaster risk management

A document for implementing or enhancing the use of social media for Disaster Risk Management purposes

Briefing on ICT Competency Standards

Briefing Note on ICT Competency Standards discusses how ICT competency standards can be utilized to strengthen national ICT capacity development efforts. It also provides steps and recommendation on developing national ICT competency standards.

Small and Medium Enterprises and ICT

This e-primer looks at how the knowledge-based economy has impacted small and medium enterprises (SMEs); explores why so few SMEs have adopted information and communications technology (ICT) and why SMEs should adopt ICT; and provides some policy recommendations for promoting SME adoption of ICT.