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ICT4D resources on Japan

Quick Facts

Total population 
127,368,088 (July 2012 est.) 
GDP per capita (PPP)

USD 35,200 (2011 est.)

Key economic sectors by contribution to GDP

ICT, construction, wholesale, manufacturing

Computers per 100 inhabitants

Fixed-line telephones per 100 inhabitants


Mobile phone subscribers per 100 inhabitants
Internet users per 100 inhabitants
Domain names registered under '.jp'
Broadband penetration rate per 100 inhabitants
Internet domestic bandwidth
812.9 Gbps (monthly average)
Internet international bandwidth
81.3 Gbps (monthly average)

Source: Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2009/2010

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2007/2008

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2005/2006

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2003/2004

ICT at a Glance (World Bank)

ICT in Education (UNESCO)


IT Strategic Headquarters

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA) 

General Resources

Country Profile (BBC)

Development Gateway's Country Resources

The Economist’s Country Briefing

The World Factbook (CIA)

Resources on E-Co Hub

ICT for Disaster Management: Real life examples

This compilation of case studies explores some of the sound practices in the Asia-Pacific region in applications of information, communication and space technology for effective and efficient disaster risk reduction and management.

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Overview of ICT Strategy in Japan

The rapid development of information communication technology (ICT) has underpinned Japan’s economic growth for the last few decades. With fierce competition in the global ICT market, the Japanese government announced the ‘IT New Reform Strategy’ and ‘U-Japan’ to realize a sustainable IT society with a strong aim to make Japan a front runner in IT by 2010. This paper gives an overview of the current ICT condition in Japan, including Research and Development and Japan's strength and weakness in the field of ICT, as well as Japan's government policy on ICT.

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