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Red Marker Australia
ICT4D resources on Australia
Quick Facts

Total population                                              
21,097,100 (September 2008 est.)                   

USD 766.8 billion (2007 est., PPP)

Key economic sectors by contribution to GDP

services: 70.7%, industry: 25.6%, agriculture: 3.7% (2007 est.)

Computers per 100 inhabitants

79 (2006 est.)
Fixed-line telephones per 100 inhabitants

55 (2007)

Mobile phone subscribers per 100 inhabitants
107 (2007)
Internet users per 100 inhabitants
80 (2007)
Domain names registered under '.au'
914,771 (2007; excluding
Broadband subscribers per 100 inhabitants
25 (December 2007)
Internet domestic bandwidth
up to 24 Mbps (depending upon exchange and telco)
Internet international bandwidth
365 Gbps (actual)/1,560 Gbps (potential) (2006)

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ICT at a Glance (World Bank)

ICT in Education (UNESCO)


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