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List of Publications on Small and Medium Enterprises and ICT

1. Major Categories 

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are perceived as the engine of economic growth and the potential contribution of information and communications technology (ICT) to improving the competitiveness of SMEs has long been recognized. Publications on this topic of 'SMEs and ICT' can be categorized as below: 

 - Literature on the relationship between ICT and SMEs in general;

 - Empirical studies/case examples on the impact of ICT on SMEs at regional/national levels; 

 - ICT training modules/guidelines for SMEs


2. Selection Criteria of Publications

The publications have been selected according to the following selection criteria: 

 - Reports/briefing notes by internationally recognized institutions/organizations 

 - Articles published in academic journals (SCI/SSCI/A&HCI)

 - Training modules and guidelines by international organizations and public/private sector institutions 

 - Publications since 2000s

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