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The e-Collaborative Hub or E-Co Hub is a single-entry online gateway for policy makers, trainers and practitioners to easily access and search for relevant knowledge resources on different aspects of ICT for development (ICTD). There is also a collaborative workspace to discuss views, share ideas and collaborate on projects related to ICTD.

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Philippines National Information Technology Plan for the 21st Century (IT21)

This National Information Technology Plan presents the Philippines' broad strategy to spur itself to global competitiveness through information technology. This plan sets down specific time frames for achieving these goals:

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Executive Summary: National Information Technology Plan 2000 of the Philippines

The National Information Technology Plan 2000 documents an overall strategy to spur the country to global competitiveness through Information Technology diffusion.

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Information and Knowledge Management: Challenges for Capacity Builders

The paper explores ways to improve information capacity building activities in developing countries. Focusing on the capacity building process, it presents some principles and key questions for actors in this area. The paper argues that capacity ‘building’ efforts should be organized around partnerships where mutually beneficial relationships are fostered and capacities are mobilized and shared. It offers a set of principles for such partnerships such as forge new relationships, foster ownership, focus on processes, give priority to local capacities, use open standards, and prepare an exit strategy. The paper advocates capacity sharing for capacity builders in the information sector to bring together the multiple intitiatives in this field.

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Nepal Information Technology Policy, 2057 (2000)

This policy document includes strategies and action plans place Nepal on the Global Map of Information Technology within the next five years. They are focused on infrastructure development, human resources development, dissemination of IT and promotion of e-commerce. Institutional and legal provisions are also outlined in this document.

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Eighth Malaysia Plan 2001-2005: Information and Communications Technology

This chapter of the Eighth Malaysia Plan reveals the progress of the previous Seventh Malaysia Plan on ICT in detail with statistics based on 1996-2000. The chapter also shows the Malaysia's perspective and action plan in developing ICT for the year 2001-2005.

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Pakistan IT Policy and Action Plan

The vision of the Pakistan IT Policy is to harness the potential of Information Technology as a key contributor to development of Pakistan and the broad-based involvement of the key stakeholders is a must for its sustainable development.

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Maldives Science and Technology Master Plan: Information Technology

This chapter of the Maldives Science and Technology Master Plan examines the state of information technology within Government and addresses the relationship between information technology and communications. It develops a number of recommendations to aid Government in taking best advantage of technological changes. It provides a high level view of the type of organization that will be needed to guide and administer technology deployment within Government, and outlines a standards framework through which this can be accomplished.

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Brunei Darussalam National IT Strategic Plan "IT 2000 and Beyond"

The core strategies of Brunei Darussalam National IT Strategic Plan "IT 2000 and Beyond" includes: 1) The National Drive Towards Paperless Society; 2) The Public Sector Drive Towards Electronic Government; and 3) The Private Sector Drive Towards Electronic Business.

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Bangladesh Telecentre Network

Bangladesh Telecentre Network (BTN) is a coalition of organizations for fostering the telecentre movement in Bangladesh. It is an inclusive network, where any individual or institution committed to bring ICT to the doors of the common people across the country can be a member or partner to collectively promote the idea of building sustainable information and knowledge system for the poor.

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Eldis resources on telecentres

Eldis aims to share the best in development, policy, practice and research. Eldis has a collection of 26,000 full text documents free to download, including 24 subject-focused resource guides, country profiles, newsfeed, etc.

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