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APCICT Virtual Academy is the online distance learning platform for for all of APCICT’s educational module, including the Academy, WIFI and the Primer Series. It is part of APCICT's strategy in diversifying its delivery channels to maximise access to the course materials produced by APCICT and encourage continuous learning. It encompasses various functions including virtual lectures, learning management tools and certification, and provides online access to all educational materials from the Academy, WIFI and the Primer Series including video, audio, and synchronized presentations with text and graphic materials. It is designed to ensure that all the modules produced by APCICT are easily accessible online for download, re-use, customization and localization, and at the same time, minimize disruption to the participants’ work environment by enabling them to study the materials at their own pace.

Trainers will be able to download and customize training materials, and learners will be able to take each module as a self-paced online course.

Currently, a module completion e-certificate is awarded to learners who pass the final module quiz with a score higher than 80%. 

For any inquiries, please contact the e-Learning team at kongb@un.org