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Academy Modules [Turkmen Version]

Module 2 - ICT for Development Policy, Process and Governance

This module focuses on ICTD policy-making and governance, providing critical information about aspects of national policies, strategies and frameworks that promote ICTD. It discusses key ICTD policy and governance issues, and shows how governments can measure their progress and benchmark that progress against those of other countries. 

PDF Version [1.2MB]

Module 3 - e-Government Applications

The module provides an overview of e-government, including key elements and concepts, principles and types of applications. It discusses how an e-government system is built by providing detailed analysis of exemplar systems and identifying design considerations. 

PDF Version [1.6MB]

Module 5 - Internet Governance

The Internet raises significant challenges for public policy and sustainable human development, both internationally and for individual nations. Hence, the ongoing development of international policies and procedures to govern the use and operation of the Internet. However, although the Asia-Pacific region has the biggest share of global Internet users, it is under-represented in fora that develop Internet-related policies. There are a number of issues and specific challenges related to Internet Governance in the regional context. Governments of emerging economies need to understand these issues if they are to have a voice in the global information network. 

PDF Version [1.0MB]

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