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Training – at the Heart of APCICT Capacity Building Strategy

The Centre is aimed at creating ICT-ready environments through capacity-building trainings and workshops. APCICT’s trainings and workshops are designed to specifically enhance knowledge and skills in ICT among policymakers, project managers, trainers and national training institutions responsible for ICT training of government officers.

APCICT provides training on appropriate technology based on the needs and the latest ICT development trends. For more effective and wider diffusion of ICT, training workshops are designed for trainers wherever possible. Training programmes are delivered by Resources Persons from universities, research institutes/organizations, relevant government ministries, and the private sector. Site visits to relevant organizations are also a part of each training programme to provide trainees an opportunity to learn from field experiences.

The training modules developed to deliver training are continuously updated based on the analytical research programme. Training programmes are organized by combining/modifying various modules depending on the target group and training needs. As it is important to train trainers in building institutional capacity and wider diffusion of training, emphasis is placed on training for trainer programmes that can be combined with other modules to develop trainers in specific areas.



Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders - A Flagship Initiative

APCICT Virtual Academy - An Online Distance Learning Platform

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