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Cutting Edge Research on ICT Capacity Building and ICT for Development

To share national experiences in ICT human resource development programmes among member countries and make the programme relevant to the changing needs for training as well as making them in line with new development of technology and ICT industry, the Centre carries out various initiatives to strengthen research and analytical studies on the needs ICT human resource development within the region.

It specifically is structured towards the following objectives:

  • Conduct research/survey on ICT training environment of member countries in the Asian and Pacific region;

  • Produce periodic reports on ICT training needs, trends and reflect them into ICT training programmes;

  • Facilitate exchange/sharing of experience and information through cooperation with other international organizations, online discussion forum and networks; and

  • Promote joint research projects and set up a research collaboration network for the development and sharing of training contents and resources.


e-Collaborative Hub

ICTD Case Study Series:

             Case Study 1. ICT Human Capacity Building for Development

             Case Study 2. ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction

APCICT Briefing Notes Series

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